We had such an amazing experience at MOTION Student Conference this year. I believe while last year’s conference was much of a “catalyst-type” event for our young people, this year was much more of a growth experience. Two things that really stuck out to me at the conference this year. The first is how much the dream team (their volunteers) is willing to serve. I witnessed dream teamers on so many occasions serving with such a big smile on their face. In the midst of almost 16000 students and leaders, just making sure all the little things were taken care of was quite a sight. You can tell those people feel a sense of purpose in what they’re doing. The second thing, which is always one of my favorite parts, is getting to share with each other back in the room at the end of the night. You have to understand that these young people are getting back to the hotel around midnight or so and we all have to get back up to be at the venue by 8:00 the next morning. But our young people are still willing to share in the middle of the night after not having any sleep for three days. There was so much poured into our young people and our leadership team, that I really have to take time to sit down and process all the notes that I took.

It’s no accident that this conference is scheduled right before school starts back. Our students have a desire to bring the knowledge and enthusiasm they gained at MOTION to their schools and to their workplaces. Please be in prayer for them as the proverbial rubber meets the road over the next few weeks. Many of them will be challenged by what the world is telling them vs what God is telling them.

Students, remember that you are the bearers of the baton of the gospel. You need to not only need to hand it off to your generation, but you need to hand it off well.